Social media — it’s just a very, very short story

Social media is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a story.

A very, very short story.

In the world of PR, you send out a press release once a month, maybe if you’re in the Fortune 500, once a week.

And you wait  and wait … and wait and hope and pray and wait for the press to write and publish it in the news.

Which for a daily newspaper could happen instantly. And for a weekly or monthly magazine could take months, even a year.

And then by the time your audience read the story, and responded, in a letter to the editor, a lot of things could have changed. Your story might not even reflect the truth anymore by then.

And your customer just really wasn’t hearing much about you, because if the news media didn’t deem you newsworthy, (which is most of the time) your story never got told at all.

So if you wanted to tell the story, you could only tell a very, very short story, in a paid advertisement.

But in new the world of social media what matters most is telling a soundbite-sized elevator pitch of a story — in just one or two lines of copy. Every day. Sometimes several times a day.

And seeing how your audience reacts.

And then you can respond, change your product, change your message — immediately. I mean, like in seconds.

This very short story over time becomes a longer story that will draw your audience, the customer, and engage them in a conversation.

Reputation building and relationships happen at warp speed this way–and they happen publicly.

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