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I have 20 years of experience working with venture-funded Silicon Valley technology start ups, mid-size tech companies ($30 to $500 million) and with PR agencies representing Fortune 500 brands.

I have had the great honor of being involved with the technology industry since the very beginning of the Internet, and am proud to have been a key member of teams that introduced technologies that change the world and make our life easier.

I’m always looking for the next “big thing” and recognize that sometimes the biggest success does not appear that way at first glance, so approach me with your startup, no matter how small.

One of the critical success factors that enables a disruptive technology to overtake an existing market is simply a great PR strategy.

Here are some of the launches I’ve participated in as a PR manager, agency executive or Social Media consultant:


  • Iolo (acq. Phoenix Technologies)– maker of System Mechanic PC software sold in 40,000 stores worldwide
  • Panda Software USA – $30 million antivirus vendor based in Bilbao, Spain 
  • Xerox, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) – consumer PC utility software (agency PR)
  • Purism – Maker of the first computer that protects your security, freedom and privacy.
  • Phoenix Technologies – $500 million maker of the BIOS in every PC, security, anti-virus
  • Postini (acq. Google) – anti-spam software SaaS B2B
  • Intel Labs (CyberMedia, acquired by Network Associates/McAfee, then Intel) – Consumer anti-malware and anti-virus utility software for PCs.
  • Intel Labs / Enfish  OneSpace and Find ($18 million investment) – desktop search engine software for consumer PCs 


  • Purism – Maker of the first private laptop computer.
  • Hewlett Packard – Corporate, Personal Computer Group, Corvallis, OR division and Ink Jet Printers (San Diego) – launch of inkjet printers.
  • Ruby by Orion Labs – Internet of Things fashionable luxury communications device for smartphones.
  • Radius/Adobe/Apple – launch of first digital video editing system, a partnership with Radius, Adobe Premiere and Apple which evolved into and is now incorporated in every Apple Mac as the core video editing system.
  • Media Vision – MP3 music players, CD ROM players, soundcards, multimedia games and consumer electronics software and hardware.
  • NeXT – visionary desktop computer invented by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.


  • Phoenix Technologies – makes the board level BIOS in every PC (PR management)
  • Cirrus Logic – graphic acceleration chips, semiconductors inside every PC (for PR agency, and as a consultant)
  • Clearspeed –  ultra high speed semiconductors, based in Bristol, UK. (with PR agency)


  • Google (with Wisdom 2.0 Summit)
  • LinkedIn (with Wisdom 2.0 Summit)
  • Apple (Radius) – Radius video technology was later incorporated in the Mac computers
  • Microsoft (with CyberMedia, Citrix)
  • (Everypath)
  • Cisco/WebEx (with etouch SamePage)
  • Qubes OS (With Purism)
  • Gateway (with CyberMedia)


  • Everypath – pioneer in wireless and mobile device applications B2B, cloud wireless middleware (managed corporate communications while Everypath amassed $100 million in VC funding)
  • Elephanti – iPhone/Android shopping app, based in Singapore (social media)



  • – one of the world’s largest online social networks/dating service with 8,000 websites reaching 528 million members in more than 200 countries (PR with agency)
  • CyberMedia First Aid – best selling PC software product that sold 5 million copies. (Not just eyeballs!)
  • System Mechanic – PC fix it software used by 33 million customers worldwide
  • Greg Le Mond’s Bicycle Adventure – multimedia consumer software for PCs, a Bill Gross company. (PR, message)
  • Apple / Claris – Filemaker and Claris Works consumer software (formerly known as MacWrite, MacFile, MacPaint, etc.) (with PR agency)

B2C CLOUD/NETWORKING (SaaS = Software As A Service.)

  • Responsys (acquired by Oracle) – business to business direct email software, SaaS, B2B, cloud (PR with agency)
  • RivalEdge (acq. ALM) – legal B2B SaaS cloud app for law firm recruitment market (consultant PR)
  • Etouch – SamePage CMS/SaaS launch partnership with Cisco/WebEx (consultant, PR)
  • Filenet (acquired by IBM) – Cloud based document management, enterprise content management. (PR with agency)
  • – personalized animation and avatars for film and television (consultant, PR, presentation, message, speaking engagements)
  • Sun Microsystems, TOPS division (acquired by Sun, then Oracle) – cross platform network and email (agency PR)
  • Citrix – networking (launch with Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, with their PR agency)

About Me

A writer, content marketer, publicist and event promoter, I have been helping visionary entrepreneurs and event producers get the attention they deserve for over 30 years.

What can I do to help you shift your visibility to the next level?


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