This is the #1 reason why your event, workshop or concert fails — and how to fix it.

You are not producing an event -- you are creating a community. You are not "marketing" -- you are building relationships. When you shift from "selling tickets" to "building a tribe" you will see a huge shift in your success as an event producer, musician, workshop leader or conference producer. This will also make a huge difference if your business is a product or a service.

What’s in a name? Everything! 10 reasons why naming strategy is crucial for your brand.

I was talking to a client the other day who wanted more visibility. They had a hideously long URL for their company website. I rolled my eyes. I immediately knew they were doomed to failure unless they changed their name. I asked: "Is there any way you can find a shorter url?" My prospective client … Continue reading What’s in a name? Everything! 10 reasons why naming strategy is crucial for your brand.

Fire your SEO guy. Here’s 9 reasons why social search is the new SEO.

By creating your own "news" in press releases and social media posts, you are boosting your website traffic and page rank. You still want to get "real news" too -- articles in credible blogs, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV coverage.

Remembering Windows 1.0 — 29 years ago today.

Windows was launched on November 20, 1985. On a floppy disk. You had to get another floppy disk mailed to you in order to fix the bugs. It was not dazzling -- but I kind of knew I was witnessing history -- the first graphical interface for PCs. Before that it was all just green or amber characters on a black screen.

PR is dead — long live social PR

PR is dead. Did you hear me? The career I've been in for 18 years -- dead. Over. Toast. Done. It's evolved into something much more powerful and effective. Social PR. I think that PR and social media are not separate anymore -- and are in fact the same thing. I've seen social media evolve … Continue reading PR is dead — long live social PR

Jumping into video editing with Animoto

I took the plunge into video shooting and editing with Animoto and a Canon DSLR camera. Here's my experience and how you can get professional caliber video for your business on a shoestring.

Is Facebook fan page advertising useless?

This week, a controversial Gallup poll declared that social media was all but useless, and that nobody was influenced by social media ads and it was all a bunch of hooey. I was immediately suspicious that results from the Gallup survey were skewed by the print and TV media. Mainstream media are late to the … Continue reading Is Facebook fan page advertising useless?