Will Facebook eclipse Google for search?

This week, the Financial Times reported that Google and Facebook accounted for 14 per cent of all internet traffic last week, with Facebook receiving 7.03 per cent and Google 7 per cent. Social nets are turning into both a replacement for email and a new kind of specialized search engine, with human beings, rather than page ranks, deciding what information is hip, interesting and important.

Social media — it’s just a very, very short story

Social media is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a story. A very, very short story. In the world of PR, you send out a press release once a month, maybe if you’re in the Fortune 500, once a week. And you wait  and wait … and wait and hope and pray and waitContinue reading “Social media — it’s just a very, very short story”

Social media dos and don’ts from Obama’s website

Don’t: Forget to keep your social pages and status updates current. I’d get on it right away if I were managing the President’s PR crew, as having an outdated profile in a special interest group niche could give one the impression that you’re not paying attention anymore to that constituency and its needs.