Is Gravity spelled Danger to Facebook and Myspace?

According to Tech Crunch, three more key employees bailed on Myspace and jumped that sinking Titanic and swam over to Gravity, a startup founded by former MySpace COO Amit Kapur, SVP Steve Pearman and SVP Jim Benedetto.

Maybe you can actually build your page with preset templates without knowing HTML. Imagine that? Maybe it’s like Facebook, only with customizable features, skins, and some personality instead of a generic one size fits all page. Oh, and the ability for musicians to showcase their tunes. That would be Danger to more than Myspace.

Naaah. Gravity is the next generation evolution of forums (BBS, The Well, Craigslist) and groups (Yahoo Groups, Google Groups.) It’s more like a blend of Twitter and Google Wave (an early adopter site that I was recently invited into, that I can’t figure out what the heck it does, that seems to be only popular with my trendsetting geekster friends who have been to Burning Man).

It’s about creating conversations that are Many to Many (kind of like a Boardroom or Roundtable or Salon…only everyone  can talk at once, and yet listen to every conversation happening in the room, simultaneously). Unlike Twitter and Facebook which are One to Many. (Like a Professor talking at the head of a classroom as an audience listens, raptly.)

Unlike Twitter, which filters out your conversations into special interests only with a feature called “lists” (that arguably few people are actually using), Gravity will be filtering them with a feature called “Interest Graphs.”

If it helps facilitate the kinds of delightful, thought-provoking, issue-oriented group conversations that happen on Facebook, yet are incredibly annoying and awkward when they happen on a list like Yahoo Groups, I say, Gravity could spell Danger to more than just Facebook. It could revolutionize, once more, what we think of as media, becoming a kind of virtual, unmoderated Talk Radio for issues and ideas.

Or maybe only my trendsetting Geekster friends who go to Burning Man will figure out what to do with it.

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