Jumpin’ Goat coffee gets PR “perks” from their Twitter page

These guys at Jumpin’ Goat Coffee are amped up and sure know how to use social media. Check out their  Twitter page and all the links!  http://twitter.com/JumpinGoat. This very personal Twitter page is loaded  with customer support, giveaways (of free pounds of Jumpin’ Goat java), and a folksy, personal appeal.  What’s amazing though, is how much PR they’ve generated with a pretty mediocre website. It’s clearly  social media that’s bringing in the customers.

Jumpin’ Goat’s 6,000 loyal followers even lead to mainstream media coverage on AOL small business and  ABC News. http://bit.ly/9DgHdF.

3 responses to “Jumpin’ Goat coffee gets PR “perks” from their Twitter page”

  1. 🙂 I’m not sure my last commented posted, so I will wait and see before posting again. Thanks!

    ~JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters

  2. Hard to believe I missed this before! I hope you have been keeping up with JumpinGoat Coffee Roasters and where we have gone and grown!

  3. How do these guys do this though? I also noticed their blog link at http://www.jumpingoat.com/blog and they are all over the place. Their PR is off the chain good…but I suppose I should try the coffee. Visibility Shift is a great new find for me too. cool site

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