10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Social Media

It’s spring! Time to freshen up your social media and get organized. There is nothing that ruins a social media campaign faster than disorganized passwords and log ins! I swear 90% of my clients keep me waiting for days while they try to remember and find their passwords and log ins (or even remember whichContinue reading “10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Social Media”

It’s not PR anymore — it’s Social PR. Your PR program and Social Media must be intertwined.

Social media is just a natural evolution of the tools we started doing PR with in the beginning of the computer revolution — email and databases. Now instead of keeping your list in email and a database, your contacts are in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This should be brain dead obvious, but I still seeContinue reading “It’s not PR anymore — it’s Social PR. Your PR program and Social Media must be intertwined.”

Holacracy and Facebook — are we creating a global brain?

Originally posted on Visibility Shift Communications:
For three weeks this summer, I was totally off the grid and more or less out of touch while immersed in a permaculture workshop near Mt. Shasta. Permaculture, which literally means “permanent agriculture”, is a systems design theory that can be applied to sustainable agriculture, architecture and community design.…


SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE MEDIA A marketing pro I ran into at my local cafe the other day looked over my shoulder as I was updating a Facebook Fan page and said: “Most of social media is pure bullsh*t for my clients.” And he’s right…for his old school, 65+, out of touch clients who don’tContinue reading “IN 2014, SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE MEDIA”

Social media is a lot more than “just posting” stuff.

It is so frustrating when clients say: “But all you did was post on Facebook.” Social media posting is not “just posting”. It’s work. It involves writing, fact-checking, content creation, branding, strategy, graphic design, editing, headline writing, proof reading. It is journalism, marketing, advertising, PR, customer service and branding rolled into one. It is theContinue reading “Social media is a lot more than “just posting” stuff.”

Personal branding: Think like a search engine. It’s all about attraction

When it comes to marketing and promoting yourself or your business, think like a search engine. A search engine is all about the Law of Attraction. It is about Pull not Push. Search engine marketing is about creating content with specific key words and waiting for it to be found by the exact people seekingContinue reading “Personal branding: Think like a search engine. It’s all about attraction”

Social media marketing isn’t free — you get what you pay for

I get at least one inquiry per day from someone begging me to help launch their product, their festival, their conference, fix their online reputation or get them better SEO results for their site. But 9 times out of 10 people somehow think that because Facebook is free, getting someone to post for you isContinue reading “Social media marketing isn’t free — you get what you pay for”

6 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog or Website

Yesterday I discovered a gold mine I had no idea I owned. A blog that I started in early days of blogging in 2004 is now ranked in the top 1,000,000 of all the sites on the Internet. While this is a wonderful surprise, I am also kicking myself. I could be making money, andContinue reading “6 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog or Website”