Social media IS the new PR

Today, social media IS “the media.”

Social marketing IS “marketing.”

The world is changing. Everything needs to shift to a new shared, collaborative and eco-conscious paradigm — this “sharing economy” is a huge opportunity for YOU to capitalize on right now.

The single most empowering thing you can do to change your life and leverage this shift is learn how to use social media.

Do it now. Or you’ll be left out.

I’ve helped corporations, business owners, CEOs, event producers and solopreneurs put the power of social media to work for them.

I weave this new media in with relationships with the “traditional” media, print, TV, radio and “mainstream” publications.

I show you how to use social media and PR (the cheapest and most effective forms of online marketing) to launch your start-up, get funded and bring attention (and sell tickets) to your festival, concert, event, workshop or seminar.



  • Press tours
  • Press releases/virtual press kits
  • Product review programs/editorial calendars
  • Product launches
  • Speaking engagement programs
  • Media presentations
  • Media training


  • Page building: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, G+, YouTube
  • Banners and branding
  • Strategic planning


  • Reputation managment
  • Personal branding
  • Blog development
  • 1:1 hands on training for busy executives
  • Speaking engagements
  • Media training


  • Investor presentations
  • Demo training
  • Elevator pitch


  • Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign page development
  • Crowdfunding viral promotion


  • Facebook event pages
  • Street team campaigns
  • Email marketing newsletters
  • Online Event calendars & print PR
  • Viral event marketing

I’ve placed thousands of articles in virtually every mainstream and alternative publication you can think of.

I always recommend that your social media and PR are tightly integrated — not managed separately by separate agencies.

Today you build relationships with the press, deliver news and communicate with them, via your social media!

You may find that the extra time involved in communicating to multiple teams is better spent communicating with just one team — Visibility Shift.

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