You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.

I just designed a new banner for my Facebook, Google + and WordPress blog today — it’s a collage of photos of some of the conferences, festivals and events I’ve promoted with social media marketing. The audiences are now the real world manifestation of the online communities we create to promote an event. The socialContinue reading “You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.”

Is your LinkedIn profile embarrassing?

Here are some ridiculous profiles and titles of people who did not make the cut and get to be one of my 2,200 connections on LinkedIn: Anyone who still hasn’t paid me yet. Your title and every word in your profile is written in lower case. Passport photo or driver’s license photo used as yourContinue reading “Is your LinkedIn profile embarrassing?”

The SOBcon…the think tank of the social web. (Could use a name change.)

Here’s a real branding blunder…the SOBcon. It means Successful and Outstanding Blogger. But I am reminded of a Sob Story or a Son of a B____. It’s coming up April 30 in Chicago, and you can get $250 off (not free?) if you blog about it.