How to get 3,000 “likes” on your Facebook post.

People ask me: "How can I get 3,000 people to "like" my #Facebook post?

Well, it's very easy. Just create an engaging, visual post and pay $5 bucks for a boost!

I always recommend that you first post your content "organically" (unpaid) and experiment to see what "sticks." Once you discover engaging content, then pay to boost, or turn it into an ad.

Make sure your demographics in the boost are very targeted and appropriate to your content and audience.

This way, you can reach 4x as many followers as you actually have. This also usually doubles your organic reach too, and attracts new fans.

Here's an example that worked pretty well for my client Purism, a PC maker. As you can see, by both sharing the post to groups and tagging specific recipients, as well as paid hosting to hyper-targeted demographics, I got a huge number of "likes."

These likes build valuable "social proof" for your brand. Many brands will boost every post in this manner, creating the image of extreme popularity with customers. It works! That's why Facebook generates more income per employee than Google!


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