Wisdom 2.0 Summit

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I connect people in high tech — I also build communities in yoga and mindfulness.

As a social media and PR consultant for Wisdom 2.0 Summit, I had the chance to connect those very different communities in a revolutionary way that dramatically expanded the audience for this conference.

The Wisdom 2.0 summit blends visionary meditation leaders like Eckhart Tolle (author of the bestseller “The Power of Now”) with CEOs of technology companies like LinkedIn discussing how Mindfulness can make us more effective in business.


  • The event sold out in advance — more than 2000 tickets at $499 to $1500 each!
  • I was the “The Voice of Wisdom” on their Fan page, doubling it beyond 20,000 fans.

The marketing program I guided included:

  • Website – rewriting for clarity and redesign making it easier to buy tickets
  • Promotions – a “bring a friend” campaign was super successful at selling groups of tickets
  • Facebook Ads – these sold a majority of the advance tickets
  • Press outreach – a story in the New York Times tipped Wisdom 2.0 over the edge and exploded the visibility, so did stories in Fast Company, Wired, Huffington Post and Forbes.
  • Event calendars and free email lists
  • PR – I wrote a keyword tagged press release with visuals generated 50,000 links back to the website.
  • Live coverage of events – Live event coverage with Instagram, Tweets, Posts and videos helped boost attendance and build anticipation of the big event.
  • Event page rewrite and promotion – 3x daily posts on Facebook, inviting more than 10K new community into the Event page, advertising for event page
  • New postcard – a livelier postcard with color photos of the speaker lineup
  • Conscious Community Street team – I developed a “Mindful Community Street Team” program that leverages experience in Festival promotion — this included delivering flyers/postcards to Tech events, Cafes and Yoga studios near the campuses of tech companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook to reach these busy and hard to target employees where they work and live.

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