Cafn8rx Coffee

Puppets like coffee too.
Launch of new coffee brand, Cafn8rx, at San Diego Comicon.

1069225_10151612116329051_319700737_n 1000734_520893324632631_645934976_nCAFN8RX Coffee Launch at San Diego Comiccon

It’s great when your brand is seen with the President, even if he’s a Faux-bama. (We ran into this actor who doubles for Obama while at the Wired magazine party at the huge San Diego #ComicCon.) #SDCC.

Accompanied with a videographer/fashion photographer, our “entourage” roamed the streets of San Diego and photobombed celebrities and events with a model/actress dressed up as the brand.

It’s not easy to stand out among the Hollywood studios at this gigantic festival with more than 1 million comic lovers roaming the streets — but CAFN8RX stole the show.

CAFN8RX drove around in her little yellow convertible, waving to the crowds, and strolled the streets for photo opps.
generating huge crowds, press coverage and thousands of spectators snapping photos. We handed out cards asking everyone to Hashtag #cafn8rx to enter to win a contest and collected thousands of leads to launch this new super caffeinated coffee heroine.

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