Event Promotion

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Event Promotion

We have successfully promoted more than 80 events with Facebook Fan pages combined with the strategy below. This includes festivals, workshops and conferences with ticket prices of up to $1500 and more than 2000 attendees.

It works!

After our initial consultation, we’ll tailor The Basic Social/Media outreach to include the following, depending on your business needs:


Facebook Event page (building your Facebook fan page/community is necessary too if you do not have one yet.)

Twitter page with customized “brand” — syndicated to your other social pages.

Targeted Niche social sites ie: Wiser Earth, Architects of a New Dawn, Evolver, Elevate, YogaMates, Gaia, MySpace, Tribe.net, etc. as appropriate to your audience.

– Viral memes and infographics to announce your lineup.

– Viddy, You Tube and Vines videos

– Pinterest page development

– Instagram page development


Online event listings on hundreds of online community event calendars like Craigslist, Eventful, Google Groups/Yahoo Groups, MySpace, Meet Up, Plancast.

Event calendars in local newspapers, television, radio and blogs.


– List trades with targeted private email event lists.

– Email newsletter with social media integration.

– Mailing your announcement to targeted email lists of 20o,000+ conscious creatives, yoga market, etc.


Postcard and “street team” promotions to drive traffic to your pages.

– Organize volunteers and fans to distribute your postcards at events

– Postcards and posters in relevant locations – yoga studios, festivals, etc.


Press release (to generate links to your site) sent to targeted media outlets, calendar sections, or local or Internet radio shows, and via a social media optimized Press NewsWire Service.


-Branding your event page so it gets noticed

– Rewriting event page copy for keyword density and SEO

– Jazzing your page up with photos and updates to build excitement and community

– Inviting in our exclusive list of influencers, press, event producers, DJs, promoters and musicians to help get the buzz going.- Monitoring your feedback and coverage.


– Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn group cross pollination, cross tagging and cross promotion


– Live Tweeting, Instagramming and posting from your event to build excitement and last minute sales

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