Giselle Bisson Visibility Shift

Event promotion coaching – from high tech to high touch.

Community building

You’re not just promoting an event — you’re building a COMMUNITY.

I help you build your tribe, one post at at time.

Since 2002, I’ve launched more than 100 events — I’ve helped producers generate sold out conferences, workshops, concerts and events.

I help you tell your story with engaging, heart-centered content, one post at a time.

My unique focus on relationship building and networking across diverse communities bhelps you reach the influencers who can expand your tribe into new markets, including:

  • technology and Internet
  • blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • venture capital and finance
  • transformational leadership
  • sustainable brands
  • healthy lifestyles
  • yoga and mindfulness
I reach global communities of press, influencers, analysts, early adopters and bloggers who can set your idea on fire, and spread the word for you.

My experience includes:

  • Crowdfunding, Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns.
  • Conference, festivals and events
  • Film premiere launch parties and live stream premieres
  • Virtual live streamed and Zoom Events
  • Product review programs

I build authentic communities for your brand with:

  • Content Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Videos – that get shared and viewed
  • Live event photography and coverage
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube advertising
  • Press releases and “earned media” in mainstream Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, blogs.
  • Viral marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords

About Me

A writer, content marketer, publicist and event promoter, I have been helping visionary entrepreneurs and event producers get the attention they deserve for over 30 years.

What can I do to help you shift your visibility to the next level?


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