22 steps to double your website traffic and lead generation.

  Today I discovered my website traffic has quadrupled since December 2014 -- and soared to the top 1.5 million US websites according to Alexa. (The prior rank was in the top 3 million). The number of leads coming in per day are overwhelming me now -- and are from business in the US as … Continue reading 22 steps to double your website traffic and lead generation.


Hale Akua Eco Retreat & Spa

Hale Akua is a hidden gem on the lush jungle side of Maui, on the road to Hana. But their social media and marketing were just not doing this exquisite place justice. I repositioned this Hale Akua as a "100% organic eco retreat"  with a pretty Orchid and Green logo featuring one of the many … Continue reading Hale Akua Eco Retreat & Spa

Cafn8rx Coffee

CAFN8RX Coffee Launch at San Diego Comiccon It's great when your brand is seen with the President, even if he's a Faux-bama. (We ran into this actor who doubles for Obama while at the Wired magazine party at the huge San Diego #ComicCon.) #SDCC. Accompanied with a videographer/fashion photographer, our "entourage" roamed the streets of … Continue reading Cafn8rx Coffee

Wisdom 2.0 Summit

I connect people in high tech -- I also build communities in yoga and mindfulness. As a social media and PR consultant for Wisdom 2.0 Summit, I had the chance to connect those very different communities in a revolutionary way that dramatically expanded the audience for this conference. The Wisdom 2.0 summit blends visionary meditation … Continue reading Wisdom 2.0 Summit

Jumping into video editing with Animoto

I took the plunge into video shooting and editing with Animoto and a Canon DSLR camera. Here's my experience and how you can get professional caliber video for your business on a shoestring.