Pinterest is the marketing bargain of the century — free.

Pinterest is uber viral — because each and every one of those “seeds” it sends out, in the form of a pin, will link back to your website — forever — no matter where it lands.

Is Facebook fan page advertising useless?

This week, a controversial Gallup poll declared that social media was all but useless, and that nobody was influenced by social media ads and it was all a bunch of hooey. I was immediately suspicious that results from the Gallup survey were skewed by the print and TV media. Mainstream media are late to theContinue reading “Is Facebook fan page advertising useless?”

You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.

I just designed a new banner for my Facebook, Google + and WordPress blog today — it’s a collage of photos of some of the conferences, festivals and events I’ve promoted with social media marketing. The audiences are now the real world manifestation of the online communities we create to promote an event. The socialContinue reading “You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.”

#Egypt: The First Twitter Revolution

In the 1980s, the Fall of the Berlin wall was attributed to television. In the 1990s, fax machines enabled the protests in Tianamen Square. But today, in Egypt, it’s a Twitter revolution. Internet social networking services like Twitter and Facebook have been the revolutionary tools of communications for protesters in Egypt. According to  Al Jezzera,Continue reading “#Egypt: The First Twitter Revolution”