How to drive more traffic from Google to your website.

How did your website do in 2013? I am stunned to discover that even though I mostly ignored mine, my Alexa rank soared by 15,966,175%! – this personal blog,Visibility Shift, is now in the top 3 million sites in the world! How did this happen? In this post, I dissect and analyze everything I did — there areContinue reading “How to drive more traffic from Google to your website.”

Will you please focus your personal brand?

If there is one thing I could ask all of my clients to do it’s this: Please focus your brand. I know, I know. We’re all wearing many hats now. Multiple revenue streams are one way people cope with the challenge of today’s economy. We’re afraid to turn down business so we try to beContinue reading “Will you please focus your personal brand?”

6 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog or Website

Yesterday I discovered a gold mine I had no idea I owned. A blog that I started in early days of blogging in 2004 is now ranked in the top 1,000,000 of all the sites on the Internet. While this is a wonderful surprise, I am also kicking myself. I could be making money, andContinue reading “6 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Blog or Website”

Even the richest men in the world can’t maintain Internet privacy.

There’s a cheap PR trick I’ve used with clients that can help you bury news you don’t want people to find. Flood the web with good news of your own by sending out tons of free press releases.