Please, please, please… keep your social media names, logins and passwords simple!

The worst thing that happens is when the former social media manager gets fired, is totally p#$$$%^ off and changes all the passwords and then refuses to hand them over. This can literally bring your business to its knees! And this happens a whole lot more than hacking.

PR is dead — long live social PR

PR is dead. Did you hear me? The career I’ve been in for 18 years — dead. Over. Toast. Done. It’s evolved into something much more powerful and effective. Social PR. I think that PR and social media are not separate anymore — and are in fact the same thing. I’ve seen social media evolveContinue reading “PR is dead — long live social PR”

Is your Facebook fan page a cocktail party, a barbecue, a conference or a drum circle?

The funny thing about social networking is…we often forget that it’s just a virtual party. It’s not about amassing tons of “fans” so you can have the biggest party — it’s about inviting the right people and serving tasty snacks and drinks. It’s about playful banter, music and laughter. You know what happens when youContinue reading “Is your Facebook fan page a cocktail party, a barbecue, a conference or a drum circle?”

How to drive more traffic from Google to your website.

How did your website do in 2013? I am stunned to discover that even though I mostly ignored mine, my Alexa rank soared by 15,966,175%! – this personal blog,Visibility Shift, is now in the top 3 million sites in the world! How did this happen? In this post, I dissect and analyze everything I did — there areContinue reading “How to drive more traffic from Google to your website.”

Why I’m not excited about the #Twitter IPO. (I’ll wait for @Pinterest.)

Unless you’ve been under a rock you know the @Twitter IPO is soaring into the stratosphere right now — “from the Moon to Mars” says the Mercury News. Yes, Twitter has triple digit growth — but no profit. Just like the good old days of the 1990s dot com boom. It is very exciting for to watch theContinue reading “Why I’m not excited about the #Twitter IPO. (I’ll wait for @Pinterest.)”

8 free (or cheap) ways to give your web branding a new look for the New Year

Originally posted on Visibility Shift Communications:
Start the new year with a fresh new look for your personal brand. This down time between Christmas and the first week of the New Year is a perfect opportunity to give your personal branding a lift and start the New Year with a fresh image. Here are eight…

You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.

I just designed a new banner for my Facebook, Google + and WordPress blog today — it’s a collage of photos of some of the conferences, festivals and events I’ve promoted with social media marketing. The audiences are now the real world manifestation of the online communities we create to promote an event. The socialContinue reading “You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.”