This is the #1 reason why your event, workshop or concert fails — and how to fix it.

You are not producing an event — you are creating a community. You are not “marketing” — you are building relationships.

When you shift from “selling tickets” to “building a tribe” you will see a huge shift in your success as an event producer, musician, workshop leader or conference producer. This will also make a huge difference if your business is a product or a service.

You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.

I just designed a new banner for my Facebook, Google + and WordPress blog today — it’s a collage of photos of some of the conferences, festivals and events I’ve promoted with social media marketing. The audiences are now the real world manifestation of the online communities we create to promote an event. The socialContinue reading “You’re not just building a fan page — you’re building a community.”