Remembering Windows 1.0 — 29 years ago today.

Windows was launched on November 20, 1985. On a floppy disk. You had to get another floppy disk mailed to you in order to fix the bugs.

It was not dazzling — but I kind of knew I was witnessing history — the first graphical interface for PCs. Before that it was all just green or amber characters on a black screen.

8 free (or cheap) ways to give your web branding a new look for the New Year

Originally posted on Visibility Shift Communications:
Start the new year with a fresh new look for your personal brand. This down time between Christmas and the first week of the New Year is a perfect opportunity to give your personal branding a lift and start the New Year with a fresh image. Here are eight…

Social media marketing isn’t free — you get what you pay for

I get at least one inquiry per day from someone begging me to help launch their product, their festival, their conference, fix their online reputation or get them better SEO results for their site. But 9 times out of 10 people somehow think that because Facebook is free, getting someone to post for you isContinue reading “Social media marketing isn’t free — you get what you pay for”

Is your LinkedIn profile embarrassing?

Here are some ridiculous profiles and titles of people who did not make the cut and get to be one of my 2,200 connections on LinkedIn: Anyone who still hasn’t paid me yet. Your title and every word in your profile is written in lower case. Passport photo or driver’s license photo used as yourContinue reading “Is your LinkedIn profile embarrassing?”

Seven ways to get people to “like” your Facebook Fan Page. (It ain’t easy!)

Don’t limit your friend list to actual friends. Every person you meet is the key to your future! You never know when a contact will be valuable. I am constantly surprised and have often found that total strangers on my Facebook page who offer to “friend” me often become my most valuable business connections, or develop into true, real world friends.