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I’m passionate about social media. I love it.

I was born to do this. And I think we are really only in the very beginning of a very exciting revolution in communication.

Imagine — you can now promote your business and compete in the global marketplace on par with any other global business.

You can even host your own talk show. (Podcast.)

All you need to do is tell the best story.

I have a different approach than most of the social media pros out there, and it comes from the perspective of many years as a journalist, then a publicist, and then evolving into social media.

I think of social media posts as both miniature press releases — and short stories.

PR (press relations with mainstream media or what today we call “earned media”) is still very important.

But in the social media era you must intertwine it with your social media program and produce your own content for success.

Your own content attracts the mainstream media, much as the “press release” or event attracted them before the Internet.

Social PR blends traditional mainstream print/TV/radio news media Press Relations with Social Media content marketing to reach influencers.

I build relationships with press and social media influencers and reach them through social media. The backbone of this is the Twitter page I create for you.

Most CEOs don’t understand Twitter to their peril. The most successful CEOs in the world, like Elon Musk get it. It’s the ultimate platform and it should be your primary one though which you distribute all the other content you build and host on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Not an afterthought!

Influencers can be traditional print or broadcast press.

But now social influencers are well connected on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram — and have influence equivalent to or greater than that of traditional media. 

A lot of my Baby Boomer clients still worship and adore mainstream media and I have to break the news to you, it’s 2023. Have you seen anyone under 60 watch TV or read a newspaper lately?

Over time, we create authentic, engaged communities who will be advocates of your brand.

Who tell your story.

Who spread the word for you.

I believe in telling a story so compelling that the press call you.

The best press coverage always happens this way — pull not push.

Social media and PR are all about connections.

Reach early adopters

The way you get a paradigm shifting or disruptive technology or idea launched is by first convincing the early adopters.


  • Technology early adopters
  • LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)
  • Transformational consumers
  • Cultural creatives AKA “hippies.”

These are the groups of people most likely to adopt and try a new idea or trend — and then spread the word about it.

You need to reach pundits, journalists, bloggers, reviewers, investors, analysts and influencers who spread the word to early adopters.

The “I am the first on my block” trendsetters, hipsters, techies who dare to try new ideas.

Via this selectively curated group of exceptionally networked people. (Malcolm Gladwell in “The Tipping Point” calls them “mavens” and “connectors”) I can reach millions in a few minutes.

Influence the influencers.
The secret to a successful product launch? Influence the influencers, beta testers, reference customers and early adopters. Like these folks willing to camp out for the new iPhone.












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