Thought Leadership Package


(Like this one.)

Syndicate your blog to social media sites and dramatically increase your traffic -- I can set this up for you.

Syndicate your blog to social media sites and dramatically increase your traffic — I can set this up for you.











Our THOUGHT LEADERSHIP package combines the best of both worlds:

1. Social media — the story you tell.

2. News media — the story they tell about you.

Everything will be linked — this means the stories you write are syndicated automatically to your social media pages, your subscribers and then throughout the web.

This is a process I call “Social Media Syndication.”

I’ve used it to optimize this site for the search engines and build my own WordPress page rank to the top 1% of all sites in the world within one year — currently in the top 1 million worldwide according to

By syndicating your own blog you are:

1. Personal branding to define your thought leadership niche.

2. Building a community of friends/followers interested in what you have to say.

3. Creating content to send to that audience. (Software, video, how to, photography, news, radio show podcast, art, in person workshop or event, teleconference, webinar, etc.)

4. Distributing that content via a WordPress blog that syndicates in and out of Twitter, Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, email list, etc. as appropriate for your market and community.

5. Linking everything together with a tool like Buffer or Hoot Suite so you only update your blog once a week and your social media once a day and it doesn’t rule your life.

6. Leveraging my communities (25,000 fans and followers) and your email lists and personal contacts to help build your following.

7. Inviting in news media and influencers (what we used to call “PR”) who eventually will interview you as an expert in your field.

8. Often this process leads to invitations to speak perform, write, etc. leading to more visibility.

After our initial consultation, we tailor The Basic Social/Media Quick Start Package which usually includes the following, depending on your needs.

- Social Media Branding – consistent graphic look/feel and tagline for all of your social media pages.

- WordPress blog/webpage.

- Buffer – set up so all of your pages can be updated on a schedule.

- Press release (to generate links to your site) sent to 10 targeted media outlets or via a Press Wire Service.

- Twitter page

- Facebook personal, public figure, fan, group or event page depending on needs.

- Pinterest page set up and training.

- Google + and Gmail account.

- Targeted niche social sites for your industry.

- Google Groups/Yahoo Groups or Meet Up as appropriate.


- Social media community building – that is, getting fans to go to your pages.

- Social media integration for your website (ie: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc feeding into and from your site and social sharing buttons.)

- Posting and updating your pages for you by our highly creative and competent staff of content curators and social media goddesses.

- Monitoring your feedback and coverage.



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