Storytelling & Speaking

An engaging storyteller–on stage or on the Internet. Giselle tells it like it is.

Giselle simplifies complex topics, demystifies the technology and cuts through the hype surrounding social media and online promotion.

She is available for speaking engagements, training sessions and workshops.

Giselle has spoken about social media, technology and internet promotion at conferences like AAMA and the IIFF (International Institute of Film Finance.

Trained as a storyteller, Giselle has performed on stage at events like: Porchlight, Tell It On Tuesday, the Sierra Storytelling Festival and studied with performance artist Rebecca Fisher and the Renegade Women performance troupe.

She is frank, funny and will demystify and reveal the secrets, tips and tweaks of social media to your audience.

Not your typical corporate speaker: Giselle onstage at the Sierra Storytelling festival. Giselle has performed dozens of times as a storyteller and trained for 5 years with Rebecca Fisher and the Renegade Women troupe. She has appeared on stage at Burning Man five times, and to audiences at Porchlight, Tell it on Tuesday and many storytelling festivals.
Not your typical corporate speaker: Giselle onstage at the Sierra Storytelling festival.  She has appeared as a performance artist and storyteller at Porchlight and Tell it on Tuesday.



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