I have 20 years of experience working with venture funded Silicon Valley technology startups, mid-size ($30 to $500 million) and Fortune 500 companies. Recently this also includes festivals, conferences and sustainable/green (LOHAS). These markets are starting to converge. For example, the C2SV Music/Technology Festival, the SF Music Tech Conference, Earth Day SF (sustainable meets music) and Wisdom 2.0 (wisdom meets business) are all convergence events that I was hired to promote.

My networks and relationships with 25,000 early adopters, journalists, authors, inventors, musicians, artists, investors and analysts create a rare “bridge” between these communities.

Here are a few tech companies I have worked with.


 Iolo (acq. Phoenix Technologies)- maker of System Mechanic PC software sold in 40,000 stores worldwide

Wisdom 2.0 – Mindfulness / Business conference with executives from Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium.  (acq. Penthouse)- one of the world’s largest online social networks/dating service with 30,000 websites

Panda Software USA – $30 million antivirus vendor based in Bilbao, Spain

Elephanti – iPhone/Android shopping app, based in Singapore – personalized animation and avatars for film and television

Hewlett Packard – Corporate, Personal Computer Group, Corvallis, OR division and Ink Jet Printers (San Diego) – launch of inkjet printers

Sun Microsystems, TOPS division (acq. Sun) – first PC-Mac-Unix cross platform network and email

Phoenix Technologies – $500 million maker of the BIOS in every PC, security, anti-virus

Xerox, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) – consumer PC utility software

Cybermedia (acq. Network Associates, then Intel) – Consumer anti-malware and anti-virus utility software for PCs. (acquired by Network Associates/McAffee and later, Intel)

Radius/Adobe/Apple – launch of first digital video editing system, a partnership with Radius, Adobe Premiere and Apple which evolved into and is now incorporated in every Apple Mac as the core video editing system.

Enfish Technology (investor: Intel) – One Space desktop search engine software for consumer PCs

Hear Planet – early strategic consulting for consumer Apple iPhone application

I helped launch HearPlanet, an app that turns your Apple iPhone into a talking tourguide – it was my idea for them to rent a bus and shuttle people around MacWorld. Way cheaper than a booth and it drove home the “tourist” message!

PEX Interoperability Consortium – IEEE X Windows consortium of HP, Sun and other workstation leaders.

Everypath – pioneer in wireless and mobile device applications B2B, cloud wireless middleware

Media Vision – pioneer multimedia games and consumer electronics software and hardware

Greg Le Mond’s Bicycle Adventure – multimedia consumer software for PCs

NeXT – visionary desktop computer invented by Steve Jobs

Postini (acq. Google) – anti-spam software SaaS B2B (acquired by Google)

Claris Works – Apple  consumer software spin-off

Responsys – business to business direct email software, SaaS, B2B, cloud

Cirrus Logic – graphic acceleration chips, semiconductors inside every PC

RivalEdge (acq. ALM) – legal B2B SaaS cloud app for law firm recruitment market


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