Don’t hijack that post! And 8 other ways to play nice when social networking.

Giselle Bisson:

Don’t hijack the conversation! And 8 other ways to have good manners at that virtual cocktail party in cyberspace aka @Facebook.

Originally posted on Visibility Shift:

Don’t hijack that post!
…and other great rules for commenting on a friend’s wall post by event producer Philippe Lewis.
The rules of engagement are the same in virtual space as they are at any party. Be a good listener. Be positive. Be polite. And don’t hijack the conversation with your own agenda!
PHILIPPE’S RULES FOR COMMENTING ON A FRIEND’S WALL POST1. Your friend is the host: their post, their rules.
2. Play nice.
3. Behave as you would if you were in your friend’s living room.
4. Be polite and courteous.
5. Don’t assume — ask questions instead.
6. Avoid contempt, judgment, derision, or name calling.
7. Get to the point and keep comments short enough that it’s possible to answer each point individually.
8. Avoid chit-chat and keep comments relevant to the original post.
9. Don’t hijack the post with your own agenda. Better, post on your…

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